For the first time, and in a lay mans style, ancient wisdom meets new science in the struggle to best the greatest dilemmas of our time.  


These are:   Environmental, spiritual, economic, humanitarian in nature.


          Through the easy to follow research of the AQUARIUS AGENDA, the reader is guided through the maze of deceit and corruption rife throughout the banking and political systems of today. A brief look at our recent history uncovers telltale symptoms of society ever more focused on self gratification at the expense of nature and our fellow inhabitants. Because of this, our problems have been exponentially increasing in depth and complexity, but so have our science, technology and our ability to solve them!  


            An honest look behind the curtain, reveals startling new discoveries in Quantum Physics, Epigenetics, Psychology, and specifically insights borrowed from Eastern Spirituality and meditation. This information helps us to understand our symbiotic relationship with the environment on a deeper level than ever before imagined. Alternatives are offered which not only help us solve our personal crises, but our collective crises simply through altering our perception of the world we live in. The way we think is creating the physical world of today and tomorrow! Our destiny is not set in stone and our reality is not objective.